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Yes   Im   a   Terp!!!!


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

Hola from the beautiful southwestern desert!! I am an educational sign language interpreter in the great state of Arizona. I am taking a survey to find out how many deaf or hard of hearing mainstreamed students have ever traveled outside the U.S. without an interpreter for a school and or sports sponsered event. If you have an experience you would like to share please contact me.

Other than my absolute love of sign language I also play a native american flute sometimes while hiking in the desert. I have two siamese cats and have a great interest in traveling, metaphysics, gemology, energy, healing, telepathy, and topics yet to be explained.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!!


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Deaf Links via the Internet
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Deaf Information
  • (Deaf Linx - comprehensive links page covering Culture, Reference Materials, Organizations, Publications, World-Wide Links, Legal Issues, Technology, Family Information, Kids Only, Education, Schools, Sign Language, Interpreting, Deaf-Blindness, Oralism & Cochlear Implants, Cued Speech, Deaf Native Americans, and more)
  • Community Resources/Deaf Culture)
  • (Library of Information)
  • (TTY U.S. Phone Book)
  • to fingerspell your text)
  • (Deaf and Hard of hearing interest discussion website for families)
  • fact sheet)
  • Basketball)
  • (Deaf Related Web Sites)
  • (Operation Hearing Impaired - for military families with hearing impaired dependents)

    Deaf Organizations

    Council for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

    Colleges and Universities for the Deaf
  • State Schools for the Deaf and Blind

  • (Arizona)
  • Deaf Publications

  • News Newspaper)
  • Annuals of the Deaf)

    Deaf Educational Links
  • (Writers forum on deaf education)
  • (A Listserve for teachers of ASL)
  • (Animated Sign Language Dictonary)
  • (Cindy's Homepage on Deaf Culture)
  • (Deaf and Sign Language Books)
  • (Pima Community College Deaf Info Page)
  • (Information on Interpreting for the Deaf)
  • (Fingerspelling guide)
  • (History of ASL)
  • (Deaf Links)
  • (Deaf Poetry)
  • (Deaf Poetry)

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    Beyond-Hearing is a list that consists of mostly hard-of-hearing and late-deafened adults. To subscribe send email with the subject line BLANK and the body saying "subscribe beyond-hearing" to

    Deaf-L is a great list, though I must say that is a lot easier to keep up with by using the newsgroup at bit.listserv.deaf-l. If you want to subscribe(and expect A LOT of mail) send mail to with the subject line BLANK and the body reading "subscribe deaf-l firstname lastname".

    EduDeaf focuses most of its bandwidth on deaf education issues. A great place for students who are studying to become teachers for the deaf. Send email to with the subject BLANK and the body reading "subscribe EduDeaf firstname lastname".

    SLLING-L is devoted to Sign Language Linguistics and the continuing research within that field. To subscribe send email to with the subject line blank and the body reading "subscribe slling-l firstname lastname".

    Terps-L is for sign language interpreters. It is a closed list; meaning that you will get a response from the list owner asking why you want tosubscribe, then he decides whether or not you are deserving. :-) If you would like to subscribe send email to with the subject line blank and the body reading "subscribe terps-l firstname lastname".

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