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NOS Kawasaki parts

Original NOS Kawasaki Parts::
Kawasaki NOS OEM "NEW" parts: "Still In the box"

A1        Generator for CDI model (21001-015)
H1E       engine cover, left hand  
H1        ex. studs? 92004-029 2x 
H1        clutch spring set $24 (2x)
H1D       Ignition rotor
H1D       rear axel
H1D       side stand
H1        front brake pad 43082-001    (2x)
H1        front brake pad 43052-001    (2x)
H1        gear chance pedal (option)
H1        oil seal(Poss. crank) #92050-051 $10   (SOLD)
H1Z?      tube 43074-011
KZ400     piston rings (both pistons) (STD)
KZ400     breaker assembly
KZ400D1   engine, Clutch cover
KZ400B1   Right side headlight ear(bracket)$25
KZ400D4   Air filter
KZ400D4   headlight bucket
KZ400D4   headlight chrome ring
KZ400     Stud, cylinder? (8 X 201mm)
KZ900     Points sets right and left $5ea. 2x 027 4x 028
KZ900A1   bulbs, 12v, 3.4w    5X
KZ1000    neutral switch 2X
KZ1300A1  Fuses, 30A (20x)   

KX125     Clutch cover Kx125 G1/H1/H2 KDX200 14032-1266
KX250A6   guide chain, front
KX250A4   guide chain, front ++++++++++SOLD SOLD SOLD ++++++++++
KX80A1    Collar, rear axle, righthand
KX80C1    Intake reed cage assembly 81-84?
KE175D2   Collar, head light bucket mount  

S1      sprocket cover, engine 14026-008-36
S model Clutch push rod 13116-019
G4      70-75 engine kick starter pedal
G3      second gear output shaft
G3/G5   gear shifter
F1      plate assmb. clutch 13102-003
F1      plate assmb. clutch 13102-002
F3/F4   head gasket
F3/F4   f.fender bracket(chromed) 1968

F4/F21  friction plates (5)
F12?   foot peg rubber
F5 top  gear

G3/G4   clutch release
G5A     72-75 Flasher relay
G5A     Kick stand
G7      release inner 13102-022

KH100A2 brake, rear shoe (only one)
KLT200  gear change foot pedal
KS125   Throttle assemb. w/grip
F2/3/4  thrust ball 13110-003
F5 2nd  gear output $8
F5/8/9  clutch release springs 92081-069
F6      4th over piston rings
F6/F9/H1 washer locking..  92088-007  
F6/F7   2nd gear drive 2X $8 each
F6/F7   fork selector, top
F6/F7   Right hand crank half.
F6/F7   Right hand crank half. possible the other side! Pics avil.
F6/F7   oil pump cover
F6/F7   engine cover, carb. cover 14030-028
F7      set of foot pegs
F7C     engine cover, carb.
F8      exaust holder
F9      Cylinder, damper rubber $2.50ea 5X
F11     lock washer 92024-038
F11     Guide, kick spring 4x
C2/D1/J1Guide, kick spring 3x
2x F11     damper Rubber, frame/Fuel tank mount?
2x F11     throttle assembly With grip
F12     spring, brake lamp 5x
MC1     tail lens

KS125   fork selector 5th-top
KS125   engine cover, carb cover

KE100A5 foot peg 34028-034 2X

KX80A1  STD ring set
KX125A4 spacer, fuel tank
KX250A4 RH foot peg
KX250A4 Grip assembly, Throtrtle ++++++++++SOLD SOLD SOLD ++++++++++
KX250/450 oil seal 92051-005
KZ305   primary gear 19Teeth

KX125A4 clutch disks (aluminum) 5X
KZ200A1  gear shift, foot 
KZ200A1  foot peg step assmb. (left)
KZ400D3  oil plug gasket 20x
KZ400D3  pipe, oil tank
KZ400A1  collar 4x 92027-1240
KZ400B1  pin dowel 92043-1037 10x
KZ400H1  nut 14mm
KZ550A3  CDI control unit(80-84)
KZ550A1  generator cover 2X
ZX600    pulsing coil cover 14024-1425
KZ650B1  roller, cam chain guide
KZ650C1  gear change, foot
KZ650C1  holder tacho
KZ650B3  Cover, muffler, right
KZ650B1  Valve tappet 4X
KZ750T/B     Advancer, auto
KZ750B1  bolts 92003-186
KZ750N1  O-ring 55mm 92055-1120   
KZ900A4  foot peg 92076-027  4X
KZ1000K1 valve float assmb.
KZ1000k1 intake valve
KZ1000G1 fuel filter
KZ1000C  foot peg pin 15x

KZ1100B2 oil sensor switch
KZ1300A1 Piston (std)
KZ1300A1 HL bulb holder
KX80A1   friction plates (7)
KX80A1   bearing 92045-1010
KE250E3  Oil pump $40 %50
Z1       shaft dust seal 43052-004
Z1       valve guide circlips 20x
Z1       inner clutch release 13102-013-35
Z1       cable clamp 10
KZ1000D1 grip assembly  46019-1004
KZ1000A2 holder, change drum
W1  ??   valve float assmb. 16030-503

1x K14046-222 topend Gask.kit for KL250 A1/A1A
2x 11060-1076 gasket, head cover $24
2x 92049-1402 oil seal
1x 11060-1493 base gask.
1x 11013-1027 air cleaner element $10.00
1x 92055-1213 o-ring $4.00
1x 92049-1271 oil seal $4.00
1x 92049-1262 oil seal
1x 92055-1293 o-ring $2
1x 92055-1403 o-ring $1.50
1x 9212201030 roller, chain guide $10
1x 23051-1190 bracket, turn signal $9
1x 11009-1991 gasket, head cover $24
1x PS201-14T  pro trek front sprocket KAW?
1x 11004-1240 head gasket $15
1x 34124-19c00 S2 trip knob??
1x 11009-1869 gasket, pulser cov.
4x 92046-1118 needle bearing
2x 92046-1216  ""      ""
1x 35011-1699-GD stay, fr, lh, g. grey $49.00
1x 92027-1495 collar, chain guide
1x 92043-068 kicker pin
2x 92004-052 stud cylinder
1x 11013-1243 Air filter
2x 56047-1824 fuel tank pattern (right and left)

--------------------Kawasaki  NOS NEW Pistons------------------------
2x    KZ 400  74-79    Std 
1X    S2 350  72-73    Std  $79
1x    S3               STD
1x    S3              +.50mm
1X    F6 125  71-73   +.50  $75 each
1x    F6 125  71-73    Std 
1x    F8 250  71-72   +.50mm
2x    F8 250  71-72    STD  
1x    F11/KX450        STD
1x    KX250A4          STD
1x    KX250           +.50mm
1x    KX80A2           STD
1x    KX80G1/G2/J2     STD

2x    KE175 B1        +1.0mm
1x    KS125            STD
1x    KLT110           STD
1x    KD100 (w/rings)  STD  (53mm)

1x    G3SS,G3TR  1975  Std   $45
1x    G3/G4/G5         STD
1x    G4/G5           +1.0mm
1x    G3/MC1/KD80     +.50mm
1x    G3/MC1          +.50mm

1x    A1              +.50mm
1x    A7               STD

1x    MT1/MT1C         STD
1x    H1              +1.0mm
1     H1               STD
3x    ?? 68mm          STD   (3001-3002) 16mm wrist pin dia.
2x    H2               STD

1x    KZ650B1/C1       STD
1x    KZ750B1          STD
1x    KZ1300A1         STD

--------------------Kawasaki  NOS NEW RINGS--------------------------

1x  KZ440     STD (aftermarket)
2x KZ650D4  (+1.0)
2x  KZ650B1   STD
1x  KZ750B1    STD
4x  Z1        STD 13008-038
3x  KZ1300A3  STD
4x  KX750E1   STD
1x  H1        +.50
3x  H2        STD
1x  S1        STD
1x  S3        +.50
2x  G3/MC1    +1.0
1x  G4/G5     STD
4x  G4/G5     +1.0
3x  G4/G5     +.50
2x  F6        STD
1x  F6        +1.0
1x  F7        +1.0
1x  F9/F5     STD
1x  F9/F5     +.50

1x  KX175 A2  STD
2x  KX250A1   STD
2x  KX250A    STD
1x  KX250A    +.50

1x  KX250A4   STD
1x  KX400     STD  (SOLD)
1x  KX/KDX80  STD
1x  MB1A      STD   Motorcycle??

1x KG1500B1 (gen.??)

-----------NEW NOS  ELECTRICAL PARTS--------------
Regulator rectifier VN700 ZR750 VN1500 ZX600 ZL600 ZX1100 ZL1100


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