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Vintage and Classic Motorcycle Parts

NOS gaskets
Used parts
Euro parts
Aftermarket NOS parts
ATV ATC parts
New Engine CASE guards
Cables ,levers, brakes
spark plugs tuneup kits
Carb fuel system parts
Handlebar switches
NOS Husqvarna parts
NOS Yamaha parts
NOS Honda parts
NOS Suzuki parts
NOS Kawasaki parts
NOS Wiseco Pistons
Italjet Motori minarelli parts
ENGINES for Parts
Parts Bikes in House
Metric bearings /hardware
NEW/Used Clutch parts
Manuals literature
New Used electrical parts
Body SIDE Covers
Motorcycle Links
Used parts

---------------PARTS BIKES ----------------------

1)   1967 Yamaha YG5S 80cc Single. Engine
       turns, Lots of good parts!
1.5) 1966 YL1 parts. Good engine!, carbs,
        regulator chrome down tube
1.6) 1968 AS1 twin 125cc most all parts
1.7) 1971 CT1 175cc single. Most all parts
1.8) 1974 DT125 A/B all parts available....
2)   1975  Yamaha XS 650 Twin. Many engine
       parts. HL buckets/ears
2.5) 1967 ? Yamaha YCS1 180 Twin Complete
        bike for parts.
2.75) 1979 DT 250F?: Headlight, frame
         speedo, rear shock/swingarm, dented
         tank, Some electrics...
3)   1983 Yamaha XT 550 Parts bike.Engine 
       runs great!! Wheels forks all....
3.25) 1983 PW80 parts: Rolling chassis,
         engine parts.....
3.5) 1978 XS400 parts. tank, seat, wheels,
        engine parts....
4)   1983 Yamaha XV750 Midnight Virago-
       forks wheels, rear diff. Eng. parts. Some 
       XV920 engine parts too
4.5)  1970 YAM DS7 250cc parts parts parts.
         Running engine!
5)   1985 Yamaha YZ 125 Chasis,
        Frame,forks,tripple, CDI. pegs.
6)    1974 Yam CS3 200cc Good top end, all
6.25) 1982 MB5 50cc racer! Wheels, engines,
6.50) 1962 CA92 motor only!
6.75) 1966 Honda CB77 305 Super Hawk
         engine. frozen
7)   1972 Honda  CB175 engine for parts.
8)   1973 Honda CB/CL350 running engine ,
      Forks, disc, tank, covers....
9)   1980 Honda CM200T most parts there
       and tank/side     
     covers, or exhaust
9.5) 1975 CB200T Complete bike with title
9.75) 74/75 CB400F (four cyl.) Rolling chassis,
         Missing seat tanks covers
9.99)78 CB400T runs and drives, parts or 
10)  1979-84 Honda XL/XR/ATC 125cc to
       200cc single engine parts.
11)  1985 Honda 200X ATC Frame and
        triple clamps.
11.5) Honda XR500 engine parts, forks and
         XL600 frame. ODD XLX600 parts....
12)  1979 CB 750F No tank, seat, covers,
       electrics...Good engine
13)  1981 CB900C Custom, small tid bits left
14)  1982 VF750S Sabre parts bike. No side
       covers or CDIs
14.5)1975 KZ400 parts bike. Mostly complete
15)  1967 Kaw A-1 Samurai 250 For parts or
15.5) 77 KAW Z1R, , mirror, headlight,
       signals, engine parts...
16)  1974 Kawasaki S1 tripple 250cc:center  
        stand, Chain guard.
16.5)1970 Kaw H1 500cc Headlight, ears,
          ignition parts, rear       
          wheel, tank, tripples, eng parts....
17)  1987 KX125 parts.Frame,forks,tripple,
       radiator, footpegs
17.5) KAW 250 F81M rearwheel assbm.
17.6) 66 KAW W1 parts bike: Generator,
         frame, wheels, engine parts...
17.7) 93 EX500 parts bike, forks , wheels,
18)  1973 Hodaka Wombat for parts
19)  1972 BMW  R75/5 parts,
         engine,frame,front wheel.
20)  1986 Suzuki650 Savage complete front &
          rear wheel assmbly, NEW gas
            tanks, electrical.....
21) 81 GS450 Engine for parts or whole. Good
21.5) 1978? GS425 Complete bike, runable
22) T250, crank, cases, trans, rotor/stator,
       copmlete clutch.
23) TS100 cases, cylinder, head, front wheel
24) OSSA 250 Stiletto almost complete, engine
      turns W/compression
PLUS MORE:::::::
26)Z1R Parts: excellent condition:

Regulator/flasher mounting bracket
Some small/large mounting brackets
speedo tacho cables (one is missing inner cable)
Headlight assembly
turn signal self canceling unit
NEW aftermarket turnsignals
Battery plastic tray
bottom half of the left control pod(Turn signal indicator pod) (Like new)
right rear pass. peg
ALL sorts of rubber mountung parts pieces(from guages and other)
front perch brake light switch
front brake cable (NEW)
front brake cable (USED)
two front brake hydrolic lines
clutch lever
front brake perch
front brake pads with attached metal backings
1 front perch brake light switch
1 other brake light switch?
Kickstand spring
Kickstand mount bolt
red battery cable
Chrome front fork spacers & rubber
reflectors (small round)

27)81 XV920 parts:

engine parts (Most)
rear shock and swing arm
foot pegs
carbs minus slides
air filter to carb rubber boot
rear sub frame
front wheel
front brake discs

28)83 XV750 midnight virago:

frame (no title)
front/rear wheels
rear linkage and differential
side covers
other stuff...

29)XT550 parts:

2x running engines
rear swing arm
front wheel
rear wheel
gas tank( has pin hole and dents)
NEW CDI's $249 plus $8 shipping
rear shock


30)1972-79 XS650 Parts:

handle bar switches
side covers
Lots of other parts....ASK???
31)1984 Xl600R engine parts:

front forks
Headlight and shroud
rear swing arm
rear shock
gas tank
32)66 W1 Kawasaki PARTS

brake pedal
Head light ring and lamp
"Y" Aluminum "kawasaki" cover

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